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Sharing my history makes the most sense for an “About” section: I am young to some of you and old to some of the rest of you—please feel free to leave a comment with what you think my age is in the comments section.

I’m an ex-pastor with a desire towards truth and genuine spirituality, unfettered by the agendas of self-serving men.

Just so you know, here are a few things in my life that are amazing and great:

-taking care of my marriage to a literal Proverbs 31 wife and three great amazing toddler boys that the Creator has blessed me with (all under 3)
-trying to make earned income one way or another (the blog was part of this as a longer-term goal)
-collaborating with a family member who is working to get our family a new environmentally friendly, agriculturally efficient domicile that we can move my grandmother into so she can be cared for by family in the last days of her life.
-so much, much more.

And this blog is also a component of me taking up my long set-aside writing career that was my deepest dream in the first place.

This site is the boldest statement of my views I’ve made on the internet: for the whole world to see, and it’s taking a good measure of faith and confidence to go ahead with attaching this to my identity! :-)

My own perspectives will enter into it—I have a strong view of Grace as a central component to the life of faith in a fairly unmitigated evangelical sense, despite my abhorrence of almost everything else that has to do with evangelical culture.  In my background I’ve experience African-American church, Anglican/Episcopalian environments, some Calvinist Reformed areas, but do not hold to the tenants of any of these—save where they have struck me as treasurable.  The faith that I chose for myself was something that could be described as Messianic Judaism with an openness to what I’d call the grand cosmic wonders and mysteries of life.

Philosophically, this blog is centered around several defining concepts; words that all start with the letter “S”

1. Serendipity: This requires thinking at right-angles to the norm.  No, this is not another blog to rehash the same hot-button issues from one of the main two major positions on those issues over and over again, as much as it is to find some new way to look at the situation and shed more light.  So, though “gay marriage” might be discussed, this is a place to come at it with thoughts that are not already prevalent in the mainstream discussion.  If this frustrates you, get out before your head explodes from being exposed to new ideas.  (Seriously, don’t be afraid of new concepts and ideas—many them will bring healing to previously under-watered areas of inner consciousness and outward social reality.)

2. Surplus:  There is always enough to go around.  The human is brimming with ideas and capacity for action, and so much more.  Instead of debating from a model of there’s not enough pavement for all of us to have a place to stand on—I acknowledge that while there is one Unique Truth above all, each person has a perspective that it would be wise to hear.  Everyone can contribute something—so you will often see guest posts, and you may even be asked to write one yourself!

3. Sanctification: This is a big theological word that means, “being made holy,” or literally “set apart.”  My view, as drawn from others, of holiness is that it leads to “wholeness,” even though this “wholiness” may be arrived at only through setting apart certain things.  In fact, I see this process being one of separation and elevation, making a sort of stepped-pyramid towards wholeness.  Each level, then adds and uplifts the next one, and is intrinsically indebted to the one that came before.  As such, I will draw on established sources, mainly the Bible (which is the one that I know and lean on) as well as perhaps some other carefully discerned works.  I may also ask questions about some spiritual writing or source, and get feedback from readers as to whether it is a good source to build on.

4. Symbiosis and Synergy: Related to Surplus, this is the bringing together of multiple viewpoints and conceptions.  Guest posts will furnish this, as will reviews of media and spiritually oriented ideas.  It’s important for me to have multiple voices contributing, as each one brings something new.  It’s also important that a variety of ideas add to something—rather than having only divisive speech and approaches.  Having multiple viewpoints, or even religions, present in the dialogue allows us to hold each other objectively accountable to our own belief systems.  One cannot truly know there is error in one’s ways unless one is fully following those ways to begin with.  “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”

Poetically, I’ve described this site as a “dreamcatcher of moonlight and solar words,” a form of expression about those great flashes of insight and deep revelation or thought that come to me and that need to be shared.  The dreamcatcher, an ancient first nations symbol and device, though originally supposed to catch harmful spirits/dreams, is in many ways helpful representationally as it conveys the interconnected nature of this blog, and its function at preserving fleeting metaphysical dalliances.

You can expect significant the following things from this writing:
Insights on how the word-of-God fits together, true real-life stories of incidents in my life that point to something greater, and finally challenging alternative viewpoints as well as some factual review of things like history, etc.

This blog is meant to be for those who largely have some faith already, and generally speaking are acquainted with the biblical text and probably identify themselves as Christian or Messianic.  Though I welcome those from a larger perspective a believe my calling is generally to this particular group—as far as what I can offer.

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  1. Well, Judah—you finally convinced me. Thanks for being the supportive optimist nag about getting my About page up and ready.

  2. Excellent. Thank you for posting this. It adds clarity to your vision and goals while personalizing your dialogue. Well done.


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